CellMaxx Opportunity

Endless Possibilities Business Opportunity

‘Don’t Just Make A Living, Make A Difference’

CellMaxx Is No.1 Natural Cell Regeneration Product In Asia Pacific

CellMaxx Awarded Asia Pacific Golden Brand Product 2015-2016

CellMaxx Awarded Top Business Excellence Award 2016

CellMaxx offers great opportunities to make lucrative income via MLM channel.(Open currently to residents of  Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Brunei).

For other countries, if you are interested to introduce CellMaxx to your residents, please drop us an email at ‘Contact Us’ and we will reply accordingly.

CellMaxx Marketing Plan

How To Start :-

Sign Up As A Member By Choosing One Of The Followings :-

Diamond40 boxes – 2000 Point Value (PV)
RM6,000.00 (Peninsular Malaysia)/RM6,200.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Emerald (E)20 boxes – 1000 Point Value (PV)
RM3,000.00 (Peninsular Malaysia)/RM3,100.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Sapphire10 boxes – 500 Point Value (PV)
RM1,500.00 (Peninsular Malaysia)/RM1,550.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Ruby2 boxes – 100 Point Value (PV)
RM300.00 (Peninsular Malaysia)/RM310.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

CellMaxx Bonus Calculation System

Point Value “PV”

  • Point Value is the ‘currency’ system used by the company to calculate and pay bonus every week. Each CellMaxx product has a 50 PV.
  • Every time a product is purchased via a new member’s sponsorship or repurchase of a product, the company will calculate the bonus based on the PV value purchased under your network.
  • Daily PV calculated will be put inside the e-wallet as your daily bonus.


  • e-POINT is an index system used parallel with the PV value paid by a distributor whenever he/she makes a purchase.
  • 2 CellMaxx = e-POINT 100 PV
  • e-POINT can be used to register new member or to buy repeat product.
  • Each purchased of product whether via the company or stockist appointed by the distributor will receive e-POINT equivalent to the PV product value paid. This e-POINT will be put in their e-Wallet in the next 24 hours.  If the distributors did not received this e-POINT in a certain period of time, the distributors are encouraged to contact the responsible party immediately.

4 Types Of Lucrative Rewards

1) Introductory Bonus

Introduce the business or product and enjoy Introductory Bonus up to 60%

2) Development Bonus

Help grow your group/team and get rewards up to 20% from the group sales amount

3) Dynamic Matching Bonus

Enjoy up to 15 generations ‘Lifetime Dynamic Bonus’ daily from your group sales

4) Leadership Bonus

Enjoy up to 4% “Total Group Overriding Sales PV” or 1% “Total Company Turn Over Sales PV” as passive income every month


Paid every time a product is purchased up to 3 generations via :-

  • Sponsorship of new distributors
  • Upgrade of position by downline
  • Repeat Order/Re-purchased of product by downline
  • Monthly auto maintenance by downline
  • Yearly renewal


Introduce the product and earn good commission

Distributor Price : RM150/box

Retail Price : RM180/box

Retail Profit : RM30/box



Introduce the business and start building your network.

Ranking : Ruby

Bonus payment is 30% from PV Value.

Ranking : Sapphire

Bonus payment is 40% from PV Value.

Ranking : Emerald

Bonus payment is 50% from PV Value

Ranking : Diamond

Bonus payment is 60% from PV Value

2) Development Bonus

  • Payable based on accumulated PV calculated daily from product purchased/sponsorship of new distributors/down line upgrading/auto maintenance occurring in your network.
  • Bonus calculation is based on the lowest accumulated PV on the left or on the right of your network.
  • Percentage of payment is based on ranking and auto maintenance status in the previous month.
  • Even if you do not have auto maintenance in the previous month, you will still enjoy the development bonus and the accumulated PV will not be lost.
  • Each ranking has a maximum daily limit of income.

Development Bonus

Assist your network to build your networking.

Development Bonus

The figure below shows calculation based on Diamond Ranking.

Development Bonus

Ranking : Ruby

Maximum monthly income – RM6,000.00

Development Bonus

Ranking : Sapphire

Maximum monthly income – RM27,000.00

Development Bonus

Ranking : Emerald

Maximum monthly income – RM54,000.00

Development Bonus

Ranking : Diamond

Maximum monthly income – RM108,000.00

3) Matching Bonus

  • Paid based on each distributor’s daily development bonus within your network.
  • The calculation of the ‘dynamic’ matching bonus is limited up to 15 generations  and is payable even though it happens in one group only.
  • The main condition to qualify for the ‘Dynamic Matching Bonus’ is that you need to have monthly Auto Maintenance.
  • There is no maximum limit on the amount of income that can be generated via the ‘Dynamic Matching Bonus.’ The more distributors you can assist to earn income from Development Bonus in the 15 generations, the bigger the income for you.

“Build the people and the people will build the business for you “

Matching Bonus

Build your network and reap passive income

4) Leadership Bonus

Enjoy EXTRA ORDINARY INCOME with minimal work

Auto Maintenance

  • Each distributor is encouraged to ensure the overall income reaches the minimum limit for monthly Auto Maintenance deduction
  • Distributors are not allowed to ‘Top Up ‘ and deduction will be made via their daily income.
  • Distributors who do not have Auto Maintenance during the month will impact their Development Bonus & Dynamic Matching Bonus earnings in the coming month.
  • The maximum deduction for Auto Maintenance is 3 months (advance). The company will not make deductions more than 3 months (advance).
  • Distributors who have Auto Maintenance will be given 2 boxes of CellMaxx and a value of 100 PV will be calculated for bonus payment purposes.

Point Value “PV” Renewal

  • Each distributor is required to renew his/her membership annually upon reaching 365 days (with the purchased of 1 box of CellMaxx) so that the unpaid PV will not be lost.
  • Distributors must renew their membership before their membership date expires.
  • Normally, a month is given or notified for this renewal purposes.
  • Renewal of membership can only be done via money from the e-wallet