Who Needs CellMaxx

CellMaxx can be taken by all levels of people including young, old, athletes and also adult. People with diseases can also consumed CellMaxx and people without diseases can consumed CellMaxx to maintain healthy body. It is highly recommended to take 1 sachet of CellMaxx daily to prevent degenerative diseases.

Is It Safe For Pregnant Woman To Take CellMaxx ?

Yes, CellMaxx is safe to be taken by pregnant woman as CellMaxx is 100% organic with no added chemicals and synthetic materials. It is highly recommended to take since early pregnancy as it can helps in the formation of healthy fetus. Anyway, you are advised to consult your doctor first before using CellMaxx.

How And When Is The Best Time To Drink CellMaxx ?

5 Easy Steps To Enjoy CellMaxx Botanical Drink

**Recommended to take CellMaxx in the morning with an empty stomach or half an hour before sleep at night.

Step 1 : Take 1 sachet CellMaxx

Step 2 : Tear/cut the sachet

Step 3 : Pour CellMaxx content to a glass with room temperature water (200 ml)

Step 4 : Stir well

Step 5: Enjoy the drink immediately

Important note : Avoid using hot water or boiling water. Hot temperature will eliminate CellMaxx important nutrients.

Disclaimer : CellMaxx is a food supplement. CellMaxx does not replace pharmaceutical medicines. You are advised to continue with your pharmaceutical medicines when using CellMaxx.